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A Word to Couples...

There is no doubt that marriage is a very hard test. Achieving marital satisfaction is hard work and it is diplomatic work. Both spouses must be willing to take responsibility for the marriage, and be willing to work hard at changing. But even marriage counseling is destined to fail when it is thought to be a “magic bullet”. Attending the sessions without an genuine intent to change doesn’t “cut it”. As with any course of study, just attending marriage counseling sessions is insufficient to learn the necessary skills for succeeding in marriage. Marital satisfaction is a task which one must commit to.

Marriage counseling is an educational and therapeutic process which considers the marriage as the patient in the room. What this means is that neither spouse is labeled as the identified problem or the main culprit in the demise of the marriage. Since marital and family therapists and licensed professional counselors come from a long tradition of helping individuals achieve self-actualization, the goals of counseling are diverse and the nature of counseling is usually tailor made. A general goal is to help the couple re-establish marital health and happiness, and develop the marital skills necessary to achieve a healthy relationship.